BEA DoDAF Models
End-To-End Business Flow Introduction
End-To-End (E2E) Business Flows are business processes that span Core Business Missions. The addition of E2E Business Flows enables the BEA to better support the BMA's move from a function-centered approach to one that looks at DoD business functions across the enterprise from an end-to-end process perspective.

BEA development continues to focus on refinement of the E2E Business Flows. The focus for H2R and P2P was to validate and refine existing content and address identified gaps. In addition, the focus for B2R refinement was to relate financial Material Weaknesses and Performance Measures to the OV-6c Business Processes to improve audit readiness across DoD. This effort enables better visualization and reporting for these areas. The visualizations and reports, new as of BEA 9.0 assist users in viewing the BEA content from an E2E perspective.
End-To-End Business Flows
Name Acronym Report Diagram Visio PDFs
Budget-to-Report B2R   
Hire-to-Retire H2R   
Procure-to-Pay P2P   
These remaining 12 E2Es will be refined in future releases of the BEA.
Name Acronym Report Diagram Visio PDFs
Acquire-to-Retire A2R   
Concept-to-Product C2P   
Cost Management CM   
Deployment-to-Redeployment/Retrograde D2RR   
Environmental Liabilities EL   
Market-to-Prospect M2P   
Order-to-Cash O2C   
Plan-to-Stock-Inventory Management P2S   
Proposal-to-Reward P2R   
Prospect-to-Order P2O   
Service Request-to-Resolution SR2R   
Service-to-Satisfaction S2S