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LRP - BEA 10.0 (02/14/2013)

OV-6c Business Process - BEA LRP Traceability Alpha Sort Report


The OV-6c Business Process - BEA LRP Traceability alpha sort report provides a view of the BEA Laws, Regulations and Policies (LRP) Repository by displaying the OV-6c Business Processes in alphabetical order in an expandable outline form. When this outline is expanded the IBM Rational System Architect definition and the linked constraints at the appropriate outline levels are accessible. All relevant BEA LRP are arranged by source in the Office of General Counsel (OGC) approved hierarchy.

Expanding a specific source document will display the applicable sections of the source document in outline form (Part, Chapter, Section, etc.) associated with the specific process selected. At this point, access to the web site of the source document is also available. Please note that some web sites are not always accessible and web site addresses change over time. The addresses provided represent what was available at the time of publication. Also note that this is a large HTML report and will take some time to completely load.