BEA Laws, Regulations and Policies (LRP)
Narrative Summary

The Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer (ODCMO) Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) Laws, Regulations, and Policies (LRP) Repository contains LRP that are imposed on the Department of Defense (DoD) people, processes and systems by various governing bodies.  The BEA LRP include constraints mandated by various offices within the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) that apply to the entire Enterprise and may be in the form of regulatory documents (e.g., Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), DoD Financial Management Regulation (FMR), DoD Instructions or Directives, Department of Treasury Financial Manuals, Public Laws, or policies issued in Memorandums or other issuances). 

The BEA LRP are maintained in the BEA LRP Repository (DOORS) and are updated on an annual basis to support the annual release of the BEA delivery to Congress as required by the USC 10 Section 2222.  The BEA LRP guide and constrain the activities and processes in the BEA.

The BEA LRP provide a current set of compliance constraints and corresponding mappings to the BEA Process Diagrams which map directly to the 15 End-to-End Business flows.  The compliance constraints and their linkages are also expressed in the architecture via three products:

In addition to the three architecture products, the BEA LRP Repository allows specific links to the Defense Financial Management Improvement Guidance (DFMIG).

  LRP Narrative Summary