Core Business Mission (CBM)
Material Supply and Services Management (MSSM)
The Materiel Supply and Service Management Core Business Mission covers DoD's supply chain, responsible for ensuring enterprise business capabilities to maintain readiness for the warfighter and sustain the force at a level of performance that meets or exceeds Combatant Commander's requirements. The key elements of MSSM include the planning, sourcing, procurement, contract management and oversight, operational contract support (OCS), making and manufacturing, maintenance and repairing, performing logistics and field services, sustainment operations, delivery of property and forces, retail sales, and the return or retrograde of all classes of supply (materiel), and forces (deployments).
Key Initiatives
Leveraging an End to End Framework for Strategic Alignment

Based on the DBSMC decision to embrace the E2E business lifecycle as a viewpoint to frame and understand our business environment, MSSM is creating a strategic alignment to better support the BMA's move from a function-centered approach to one that looks at DoD business functions across the enterprise from an end-to-end process perspective. The outcome includes optimizing the value chain and increase the DoD Strategic Goals for Alignment, Accountability, and Efficiency. Further, the E2E Framework will guide the transition from the current segregated, inefficient business, processes, and data within and among Component and functional areas to an environment that supports optimized decision-making across the Enterprise.

Six Strategic Priorities that MSSM is focused on achieving are:

What's New in MSSM
MSSM Enterprise Systems
DoDAF Models related to MSSM BEA Products
All Viewpoint
AV-1 Overview and Summary Information
AV-2 Integrated Dictionary
Data & Information Viewpoint
DIV-1 Conceptual Data Model
DIV-2 Logical Data Model
Operational Viewpoint
OV-2 Operational Resource Flow Description
OV-3 Operational Resource Flow Matrix
OV-5b Operational Activity Model
OV-6a Operational Rules Model
OV-6c Business Process Model
Systems Viewpoint
SV-1 Systems Interface Description
SV-1 Systems Interface Details
SV-6 Systems Resource Flow Matrix
Standards Viewpoint
StdV-1 Standards Profile
Other DoDAF Models
Defense Financial Management Improvement Guidance (includes FFMIA Rules)
Enterprise Standards